This is the web site of the research group “Sistemes Dinàmics” (Dynamical Systems) from the Universitat de les Illes balears (UIB) at the Balearic Islands (Spain).

In this website you can find information about the research of all their members, the scientific relations with other research groups as well as information about its organizing research activities.

The group of “Sistemes Dinàmics” started its formal activity in 2002. Since then, we have developed our scientific activity in various fields including organization of international congresses, winter schools, research seminars, seminars for the dissemination of our scientific activities, attendance and participation in conferences, plenary lectures, conferences on math disclosure, etc. The seminars for the scientific training for our members, that are open to any interested person, are regularly conducted. The first one dates from March 12, 2003.

At the present time we develop our scientific research jointly with members of the Universidad de Extremadura (UNEX, Spain), sharing a common research project (MTM2017-83568-P Spanish Government Grant) entitled “Estudio cualitativo de sistemas dinámicos y de sus aplicaciones. Comportamientos periódicos y bifurcaciones”.

We also are members of the The Institute of Applied Computing & Community Code (IAC3)

We also participate in the network DANCE that aims at being the meeting point of the Spanish researchers in Dynamical Systems and nonlinear dynamics with a flexible, open, integrating and interdisciplinary approach.

At the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (UIB), in the Applied Mathematics field, we share some common goals with the research group “Tractament i Anàlisi Matemàtica d’Imatges (TAMI)” (Mathematical Analysis and Image Processing).